Saturday, January 20, 2018

Action PC Football: 1970 Replay Week 1 Dolphins vs. Patriots

Watch as I coach the Miami Dolphins against the then Boston Patriots in a total blowout....for which team? Find out. Watch here and also watch on my TwitchTV channel:


Monday, January 15, 2018

Action PC Football 1970 League Replay

Got my Action PC Football up to date and, along with a new Instagram account covering players from the 1970's (located here: I am replaying the entire season but with 16 games. I am only playing a few teams manually each week. I started week one by playing the Jets against the Browns and the Jets lost a heartbreaker due to a pass interference call and two missed Jim Turner field goals. I then played Minnesota and got stomped as Len Dawson passed all over my defense. The Purple People Eaters had a good day up front though.

If you want to see the full Jets game replay see the YouTube video below. Also in this post is a picture of the final stats. Snell had quite the day.

Janerrus Homebrew adventure: Return to Town

I got nailed with the flu and that has taken me offline for about a week for D&D and streaming. But last Tuesday I managed to prop myself up enough before the flu really set in to play the next round of the Janerrus Home Brew my friend made. This is mostly a return to town, RP session and I still have to level up my characters. So this video isn't the most exciting of things to watch but you can get a sense of how much had to be done once I returned to town with all 4 of my characters.


Friday, December 29, 2017

Sinister Secret of the Saltmarsh update for modern day D&D

I have decided to take module U1 from 1981 and redo the excellent piece of work and flesh out the D&D classic. This video goes over some of the things I am doing -- Watch live at